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Freelance conference interpreter and translator

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Hey there!

My name is Andrea Fernández Vivanco, I am a graduate translator working as a freelancer.

I provide end-to-end language solutions. I work as a conference interpreter (spoken translation) in both live and virtual events. I have gathered years of experience as a translator and editor. I have handled a wide range of texts, especially technical translations and e-commerce websites.

But there is much more. I also provide dubbing and subtitling services and collaborate in the internationalization of companies and SEO in Spain. Do you want to find out more?

Micrófonos para conferencias de prensa




Interpreters convey a spoken message from one language into another. 

We provide simultaneous interpreting for both on-site and on-line events. 

Consecutive interpreting is recommended for meetings, business visits or tours. 

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and editing

Do you want to deliver your message in Spanish in a natural and accurate style? Then choose a professional translator to reach the customer and be persuasive! 

I provide technical translation, copywriting and proofreading in spanish.

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Internationalisation and marketing

Support for the internationalisation of companies willing to explore the Spanish market.


Do you need assistance eith digital marketing, website management, supplier seach, business meetings? Just tell me what you are looking for and we will work it out.


Interpreting | Translation | SEO in Spanish | Internationalisation | Dubbing | Captioning

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